Privy Data is an one of a kind web-based information consultancy in India which aims to make you "privy" to a huge array of industrial information, as well information about the executives running these behemoths.

We aim to develop a platform to share and analyze data about the various Indian firms and corporate houses - not focusing solely on the financial aspects of a firm, but offering a more holistic organizational view.

It all started from our B-school days, and during tiresome days of work - market research or organizational research has always been a pain! Shifting from websites, fragmented information and varied results seemed to be the norm!

Frustrated and fed-up, the idea of Privy Data was born!

Registered in Kolkata, India, we aim to terminate the perennial struggle for knowledge search in India! We, a group of dedicated management professionals have come up with a storehouse of insightful and in-depth analysis of various organizations - their strengths and predicted movements moving forward! 

So, for an all-inclusive information repository, and a panoptic result of the Indian market is here! 

Good Luck browsing through!